“Yesterday you asked me” – Underground 7.2

if I still loved you and I think I upset you because I took what ended up being a very long time to answer (so long in fact that technically I still haven’t because I am writing my answer now) but the answer is yes of course I still love you I only took so long because I was prompted to think back to all the times available to my memory where I’d thought to myself Oh My God I love you dear yes I surelysurely do, like when we sat at the edge of the sand at Dowses and counted all the moored boats rattlebobbing on the gentle fleeing tide (itself returning faithfully to its lover the moon) but of course we never followed it because not a single one of those dozens of boats were ours and the shore offered more reliable footing anyway, or when that rude house guest Pneumonia tried to steal you away with its promise of the most comfortable sleep you’d ever had, and to think of those things led me to reflect on how thankful I was that you weren’t tempted by the offer even though perhaps you were—I wouldn’t blame you for it—but if you had been, then I am even more grateful that you did not succumb and invite ole P into your core to take you off to eternal ecstasy, and that you remained moored by me rather than following the salty tide home to participate in some perverse orgy with that fat Summer moon.

“Yesterday you asked me” appears in issue 7.2 of Underground Art & Literary Journal.