“Fait Pour Toi” – Underground 7.2

I watch you from across
the chilling coffee porcelains
and poor-man’s eggs benedict
as you skim through that
awful Sunday newspaper

And I think without wanting to
of the great number of forces there
are that could take you easily
from me and from our crummy
livingdiningcooking room

lung cancer monoxide leaks
oil wars mall shootings famine
lust distrust men in hats and must
we bring in dead processed trees that
remind of all that world outside?

Let’s keep trees in pots
not print it’s so ugly
in its fascist patterns
words and letters so
deceitful and square

Let’s keep pants off
in the morning we can
eat each other no
need for forks or knives
or even porcelains

though perhaps I am not
a meal outright more of an
hors d’oeuvre with my
small mind and lacking
French and quick petites morts.

You look up at me glasses perched
clumsily on your beagle nose and I think fuck it
let’s buy it all forks and knives cancer fascism
a pitiful suburban hole with a big kitchen for
our many children yet to be.

“Fait Pour Toi” appears in issue 7.2 of Underground Art & Literary Journal