“Toward Some Meager Body” — Glass: A Journal of Poetry (forthcoming)

“There is So Much Everything I Do Not Know” and “Lilac” — Cherry Tree (forthcoming)

“Imagine Gender were Stored in the Skull” — Okay Donkey (forthcoming)

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“The Wet Body”  Longleaf Review

“Consider a Swollen Heart”Booth

“Our Husband is Your Husband but We Still Love Him”Booth

“Becoming Delicate” and “Poem with Dysphoria and Nephew” — Lammergeier (“Becoming Delicate” nominated for Best of the Net 2019)

“Gender as Riddle with No Solution” — The Shore

“Contemplations on a Sepulcher” and “When the World is Arranged According to Size”Five:2:One

“Robin Eggs”Screen Door Review

“In the Morning Their Shirt is Hanging Off the Bed”Okay Donkey

“Observing a Lover of Thirty Years Ago Today”Every Pigeon (nominated for Best of the Net 2018)

“Volume and Displacement” — formercactus

“Reading the Novel Out of Order”A VELVET GIANT