Forthcoming in: DIAGRAM, Palette Poetry, Up the Staircase Quarterly


“[There’s nectar everywhere. You can’t stop me]” and “Girl/Moon/bringer”Puerto del Sol

“Feral”Vagabond City

“Survey” and “Coruscate”Birdcoat Quarterly

“Lilac” and “There’s So Much Everything I Do Not Know”Cherry Tree

“ripejawceremony” — Underblong

“A Hollow Cavity in the Chest Which is Also a Community Theatre”Sixth Finch

“All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands”Hobart


“Imagine if Gender Were Stored in the Skull” — Okay Donkey

“Toward Some Meager Body”Glass: A Journal of Poetry

“Naked, We Looked More Alike” — Hobart (also featured in Mass Poetry’s “Poem of the Moment” series)

“Fathering”Redivider (nominated for Best of the Net 2019)

“The Wet Body”  Longleaf Review (nominated for Best Small Fictions 2020)

“Becoming Delicate” and “Poem with Dysphoria and Nephew” — Lammergeier (“Becoming Delicate” nominated for Best of the Net 2019)

“Gender as Riddle with No Solution” — The Shore

“Contemplations on a Sepulcher” and “When the World is Arranged According to Size”Five:2:One

“Robin Eggs”Screen Door Review


“Consider a Swollen Heart”Booth

“Our Husband is Your Husband but We Still Love Him”Booth

“In the Morning Their Shirt is Hanging Off the Bed”Okay Donkey

“Observing a Lover of Thirty Years Ago Today”Every Pigeon (nominated for Best of the Net 2018)

“Volume and Displacement” — formercactus

“Reading the Novel Out of Order”A VELVET GIANT

“Sweet Fruit” and “Pondering Watercolors for Later’s Painting” — gutwrench.